Bio: I strive to take the canvas of life, transform it into digital imagery while capturing in a split second the emotion, expression, candid response, shock, sadness, symphony, anger, joy, tears and yes, a smile, of each unique subject I photograph or video. My goal is to produce a unique product whether alone, or in a group of photographers focusing on the same fascinating subject. I feel that each and every subject is special, be it, a celebrity or a sunrise. Photography is my passion and my subjects are important. The lens is my brush, my scalpel, my vision. Photography to me is like writing a book, drawing in charcoal, sketching in pencil, painting in oil or acrylic - every detail is important and must be communicated clearly and realistically. My philosophy is that each and every subject is special! I guarantee only the best for you or your special occasion, to be captured and frozen in a split second, to be treasured forever, and to be passed on from generation to generation. My pictures will reveal the essence of your soul. Saving the moments you treasure preserving them forever, enjoying them forever, crying over them forever, laughing at them forever and making them live forever, so your memories do too! George "RaStarr" Walker ~ http://www.imipressions.wordpress.com http://www.kissastarrphoto.com/ IMIPRESS contributes to Newspapers across the nation such as the NY Post - Caribbean Life Newspaper, The Times Herald Record, Sentinel, Mid Hudson Times and Los Angeles WestSide Story Newspaper. IMI's partnership with Film Biz Asia and How We Live Magazine provide Photos and copy online & Print for world wide distribution.

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